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Experienced teachers + differentiated teaching methodology, totally focused on the practice, make our training a worthwhile investment for your career.

Consultancy and Projects

We seek to align the requirements of the "real world" with good practices and management projects, providing consulting services and support that will enhance the objectives of our clients and partners.

Research & Development

Our team is able to use market research techniques and mathematical tools to understand problems, bringing predictability and improvements to processes.

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Our team is here for you with expertise in the use of market research techniques and mathematical tools understanding problems, bringing predictability and improvements to processes

How can we find what is new? How can we deal with the challenges of the market? Innovation is closer than you think. We will discuss these things in a relaxed environment, where knowledge flows in all directions.

Function Point Analysis, Agile Methods, Tools, etc. Learn how to converge with positive results. In this training we'll plan a software project using tools developed by Quode.

Techniques, Tools, Configuration, Process and Management of requirements. Understand how to deal with major problems of a project. Training in line with practices recommended by BABOK.

Understand the big picture and make your knowledge homogenous with the PMBOK® Guide and the PMI. You will gain a holistic view of project management.

Understand the problem, create solutions, learn how to gauge improvements and become prepared to face the challenges in this Difficult Task of improving processes.

Breaking paradigms and caricatures. Apply best practices based on agile methods and know what the real benefits are.

Get ahead and be recognized in the area which has growth recognized by organizations. Do not treat the requirements superficially, they are one of the main assets of your company.

Managing projects in practice? Let's plan an entire project together, lining up the best practices and exercising your learning through real experiences.

The Quode Project offers the best value on the market when it comes to professional development applied to management and projects. Rate our professional experience against others and judge yourself.

The quality of our training and expertise of our instructors is totally available to your business. Develop your team with Quode Project and get the guaranteed best results. Chat with us.


Customization for companies

Development Indicators and Simulation

Coaching Support

Flexible classes

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Consultancy and Projects


We are a support company. We operate in problem solving, research planning, implementation and measurement of improvements. Structured projects, thinking about durable solutions.


With its own methodology, based on the main models of market maturity, we analyze the main needs to improve organization.


Count on Quode Project to set good project management practices based on your needs and get focused.


Outsourcing geared to performance, i.e. performance-oriented indicators of services and not directed to persons or tools.

Research and Development


We believe that the best solution is given by applying state-of-the-art methodology of a particular concept to find real problems solutions, mapped in a professional manner. This is the focus area of the R&D Project .


  • We support your company in important decisions involving scenarios of multiple criteria and /or many restrictions, such as: software purchase; decisions to buy or do; project selection; whether to invest in a product; hich are the most important projects to focus your investment on; or any complex decisions involving large investments and many variables;

  • Research problems using statistical tools; Risk Analysis; Innovation; Internet THINGS, and more.
  • Mobile Technology e Web of Things
  • Business Intelligence for Big Data
  • Multi-Criteria Analysis for Decision Support
  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Architecture

If you are interested in any of our lines of research and want to know more about them, talk to an expert: contact us

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